Friday, February 10, 2017

Liebster Award: 10 Travel Questions Answered By Your's Truly

The blogger community is one that I find myself constantly making new friends in. There's just something about like-minded people with a passion for writing that makes you fall in love. They're the one's that inspire me to write after a long day or to keep exploring the world after my feet start to hurt and I'm very grateful for that.

As the new year sets into motion the infamous Liebster Award is handed out to recognized travel bloggers. It is an award created to motivate authors to keep writing awesome content and to let the reader know a little bit more about the person behind the blog. I'm honored to accept this award today and I'd like to thank MikaylaJaneTravels for the nomination. Check out her blog, it's really good stuff!

For accepting the award, I was asked to answer 10 questions related to travel. Here they are!...

1) What gadget do you take on every adventure?

For this one, I'd definitely have to say my phone. I use my phone for everything! Travel apps, music, communication, navigation, planning, translator, you name it. I'd be lost without my phone!

2) Do you rather travel solo or with people?

As a writer, I'm a bit of an introvert. I mean, I love meeting new people and all but I need my space from time to time and when you're traveling with someone, you don't get that very often. So I would say that I much rather travel solo, for sure.

3) Do you prefer budget traveling (such as camping) or luxury (golden trimmed bathtubs)?

Great question Mikayla! As you've probably noticed from my other content, I love being in nature. As a kid, my family would take me to a campground for the weekend and that would be our vacation. Not much of a vacation I suppose but I loved it! So if I had to decide between a luxury penthouse suite overlooking the city and a two person tent overlooking a pond, I would pick the natural view of the pond any day of the week.

4) What is your top travel tip?

Just do it! If you are reading this blog you probably have some pretty strong desires for travel. Nothing is more important than your dreams so just find a way to make it happen and go do it! Take the leap and grow your wings on the way down if you have to.

5) How do you pass the time on long flights?

I'm part of a rare breed that actually enjoys flying! I know it sounds crazy but it's true. I mostly try to take the cheapest flight available so there usually isn't a tv embedded in the seat in front of me or a radio headphone jack in the armrest. In this case, I just read. I love to read so I usually take at least one book with me everywhere I go!

6) What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done that's taken you out of your comfort zone (exotic food, cliff diving, etc.)?

The craziest thing I've ever done is actually an intense hike I did just outside of my hometown. It was a trail called Hellbrook on Mt. Mansfield, the tallest mountain in Vermont. The trail was basically straight up. Some parts were so steep that I had to climb up vines and even metal ladders embedded in giant stones. The steepness mixed with the 30lb of camping equipment on my back equaled out to be a very extreme experience, but one that I treasure dearly.

7) What has been your favorite travel destination?

My favorite place in the world thus far is California. There's just something about its endless fields of flowers and the rolling hills of green that makes me so happy. Not to mention the hiking trails and beautiful mountain top vistas (again with the nature)!

8) What has been your least favorite travel destination?

Oh boy, this question brings back memories. Just over a year ago I drove to Philadelphia with my "friend" that I thought would be nothing but a blast to be around. Well, I was wrong. He "forgot" to bring money with him so I ended up paying for the entire trip (over $300) on the promise that he would pay me back when we got home. But when we got home that was it, he cut me off and I never heard from him again. The trip was a disaster, to say the least. In fact, this was the trip that made me decide that I prefer solo travel over travel with others. Don't get me wrong I love Philidelphia, but this experience was enough to make it my answer for this question.

9) What destination is on the top of your bucket list?

As a lover of history and ancient civilizations, the first thing that comes to mind is The Great Pyramids in Egypt. Giant geometrical structures fit with still undiscovered chambers and filled with sacred Egyptian ancestors, what?! Who built them? Was it the gods? Thousands of slaves? Aliens? No one knows and that just adds to the adventure!

10) Who do you dream of bumping into on your travels?

I've always been interested in the Buddhist monk way of life, particularly in what used to be Tibet. After China took over the nation of Tibet, The Dalai Lama fled to India where he now lives. That is the person I would most like to meet on my travels, although it probably wouldn't be an accident. You wouldn't just see the father of Buddhism wandering the streets of Delhi!

And that marks the end of the questionnaire. I'd like to thank Mikayla again for including me in this, it has been a blast answering these questions! Good luck to everyone reading this and safe travels!


  1. Hi Josh!
    Love your answers!! I can definitely relate to your philidelphia story, sometimes you just never know someone until you travel with them, and you're not alone! so many other people have gone through it and i think it's one of the best and biggest lessons in life, you learn SO MUCH about yourself and what you consider true friendship!
    Thanks again for participating! Happy travels! :)

    1. Thanks Mikayla! Yes, the Philadelphia situation was quite harsh but you're right I did learn a lot from it. Looking back now, I'm glad I experienced it and learned the lessons I did!