Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hiking The Tallest Mountain In Vermont: Mt. Mansfield

I grew up in a small town near Burlington, VT. The Green Mountains have always been kind to me. They have taken me on incredible adventures to gorgeous hilltop vistas and snowy peaks. I've always enjoyed my time spent with nature, but one of my best hikes was the time I climbed Mt. Mansfield.

I remember it like yesterday. It was a warm sunny day and my friend Keith and I were strapping up for the hike of a lifetime. We packed clothes, cooking utensils, food, a tent, sleeping bags and everything else one would typically pack for a camping adventure.

As soon as we began the 2.8-mile hike I could tell I packed WAY too much. My bag must've weighed at least 30lb, and for an amateur hiker that was quite a lot, especially for the steepness of the trail.