Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Natural Wonders In Madagascar You Don't Want To Miss

Madagascar is a beautiful island just off the coast of Mozambique. It's tropical forests and sandy shores make it a popular destination for tourists and anyone seeking adventure. Whether you're just passing through the area or planning a week long stay, there's a little something for everyone here.

Madagascar has an odd assortment of wildlife and landscape.What you would expect to find in the rest of South East Africa is replaced with animals and plants you would expect to find only in South American rainforests, some of which include very predatory creatures. But if you can get past the greedy lemur thieves and the potentially deadly spider bites, you'll see that Madagascar has quite a lot of natural beauty in its mostly forested lands.

1) Avenue of the Baobabs

stephane_p via Flickr

On the western shore of Madagascar lies a forest unlike any other. A field of some 20-25 Baobab trees towers over you as you gaze in awe at their thick stumps and their flowering tops. At only about 30 meters in height, their monstrous width will shock you. They make redwoods look like amateurs. If you've never seen a Baobab tree up close and personal, this location is a must.

2) Isalo National Park

Michael Sale via Flickr

If there is one place in Madagascar to check out wildlife, Isalo National Park is it. With a total of 340 faunal species residing in the park, it's safe to say there is plenty to see. The Malagasy Rainbow Frog, Madagascar Ibis, and for you snake lovers, the Dumeril's Boa, is just a few of the many incredible creatures that call this park home.

3) Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve

Michael Sale via Flickr

The word tsingy comes from a local word meaning "the place where one cannot walk barefoot", and it describes this area perfectly. This reserve is home to "needle-shaped limestone formations" that formed years ago on cliffs overhanging the Manambolo river. Maneuvering through the structures without injury is a near impossibility due to it's razor shape edges that can easily cut through human flesh. It goes without saying that attempting to traverse the limestone is a bad idea, but it's definitely something worth checking out, from a distance that is.

4) Ranomafana National Park

Antony Stanley via Flickr

Established in 1991 with the sole purpose of preserving the environment for future generations of wildlife to inhabit, Ranomafana National Park is a gold mine for nature lovers. Over 161 square miles of natural terrain houses common and rare species alike, most notably; the Golden Bamboo Lemur, Milne-Edwards Sifaka, and Boophis Reticulatus.

5) Tsiribihina River

Tee La Rosa via Flickr

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Here you can experience the beauty of the Tsiribihina river while exploring the wonder of the limestone formations on the cliffs of the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve in which the Tsiribihina river flows through. The river itself is littered with mangrove trees, a gorgeous shrub that grows on seashores and riverbanks. The waterfalls, good fishing, and overall natural beauty of the river make it a popular location for locals and tourists.

Madagascar is a beautiful country that everyone should have on their bucket list. It's natural rainforests untouched by man, unique wildlife, and fantastic culture makes it a wonderful location for all that seek adventure!

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