Friday, December 30, 2016

Why Traveling is Good For The Soul

We all have our reasons for traveling. Some do it because they have to for work, some do it because they enjoy it, and others do it simply to prove to themselves that they can. Whatever the reason may be, it is good for the most deepest parts of your being. Here's how traveling can help improve your mind as well as your soul.

When you venture into unfamiliar territory, what you're really doing is going out of your comfort zone, and so it can be, well, uncomfortable. Though terrifying to most, that uncomfortable feeling can be (and usually is) very valuable. And sometimes even life changing.

It challenges your mind to think outside the box and to contemplate the world we live in. Often times when we're out of our normally scheduled life for a long period of time our brain will react in one of two ways. Either it will 1) become distressed and break down or 2) become humbled.

When your brain becomes humbled it begins to take in more of this reality and grows because of it, whereas if your brain throws a fit and breaks down, it'll reject the learning experience and will most likely never want to travel again.

But don't freak out! You can control this brain reaction to actually grow from the experience. All it takes is a little mental discipline mixed with some well-grounded knowledge.

The knowledge part comes from knowing the two ways your brain could react, which I stated above, so by reading this article you are already half way there!

The second part is mental discipline. Mental discipline is a skill, and like all skills, practice makes perfect. There are thousands of ways to develop and strengthen your mental discipline skill, just like there are thousands of ways to strengthen your bicep muscles, it's just a matter of finding the method that works best for you.

Traveling to unfamiliar or even scary places will develop your mental discipline, though in a much more harsh and unsubtle way. It will force you to make decisions you don't usually have to make and by doing so it'll make all of your decisions in life that much more important.

The more uncomfortable you are the harder it will be but the more you will grow mentally and spiritually. In the end, you'll come out a better person and all of the hardships you endured will be well worth it.

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